Successful design is the culmination of a variety of activities thoughtfully planned and executed. Thro' Creative works in the following areas:

Visual Identity

Great branding connects with your audience, builds trust with your customers, shows them your essence, values, and what you stand for. It's about creating memorable experiences, consistency, quality, and recognition. Through discovery, logo design, colour palette, typography, and other visual elements, Thro' Creative will work with you to establish and maintain your brand's visual integrity, and apply it consistently across different media.

Package Design

Packaging persuades us all. We choose products based on their intrinsic quality, but all else being equal, packaging can tip the balance, and we will likely choose the product with the sellface or tactile quality that most appeals to us. Thro' Creative designs packaging to provide brands and products what they need to be the preferred choice.


Illustration can be very effective in presenting concepts in fun and interesting ways. It can create a sense of wonder and clarity together in the same experience. Thro' Creative uses illustration in a variety of applications, including packaging, logo design, iconography, conceptual diagrams, poster art, and technical illustrations.