Water & Wine

  • Logo Design
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Web Design & Development

The BLOOM Centre provides tools to make it easier for industry to adopt sustainable improvements. Thro' Creative worked with BLOOM to develop their Water & Wine initiative, an online platform designed to meet the water needs of winemakers. The platform won a 2015 Water's Next award for its innovative approach to sustainable water management.

Water and Wine Logo

Logo Design

The Water & Wine logo is bold, straightforward and confident. For the wordmark, Rockwell Extra Bold was chosen for its strength and consistency with BLOOM branding.

Technical Illustration

To help visualize different processes of a winery, Thro' developed detailed isometric diagrams for use throughout the Water & Wine website. On the site, images are overlaid with hotspot tooltips and links to more information.


The educational component of Water & Wine is comprised of six modules. Thro' developed a set of module icons and colour palette, which are used throughout the website to aid in navigation and consistency.

Water and Wine Icons

Web Design and Development

The online platform is built on WordPress, utilizing a third-party theme, which we customized specifically for Water & Wine. The website is responsive, and can be viewed comfortably on all screen sizes.

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