Provision Coalition

  • Logo Design
  • Event Branding

Provision Coalition provides leadership, advocacy, tools and resources to create economic, environmental and social value for the food and beverage manufacturing sector. Provision Coalition hired Thro' Creative to develop a logo for branding their industry events, and a visual theme for their 2015 Industry Forum.

Processing Food Sustainably Logo

Logo Design

Designed for Provision Coalition to brand all of their industry events under the umbrella "Processing Food Sustainably", this bold and classic stamp-style logo stands beside and compliments other visual themes, without being distracting.

Processing Food Sustainably Logo

Conference Theme

Provision Coalition's "Radical Transparency: Ready or Not?" conference was about meeting the growing demand for business transparency and operational accountability. Thro' illustrated a visual theme that represents the lifting of the veil on corporate data.

Radical Transparency Conference Theme


The Radical Transparency visual theme and stamp logo together on large format on-site signage.

Radical Transparency Conference Banner